Aug 232012

eGo-W (also named as F1) is the new generation of eGo-T with new technology of e-cigarette cartomizer. The main attraction is its caromizer which is basically a two-piece design with inner cart of 2 ml capacity and the outer metal shell which has two long view ports on either side, simply sliding over the clearomizer. The eGo-W is very hot recently as it has longer life with the function of changeable inner clearomizer, yet some users complain that it’s easy to find liquid leaking on this item. Here I would like to give some tips for how to change the eGo-W inner clearomizer and avoid the liquid leakage.

  • Tips to change the inner clearomizer

Firstly, screw in the whole cartomizer (inner clearomizer + outer metal shell) to the battery and pull out the outer metal shell with your hand.
Secondly, screw out the clearomizer from the battery.
Thirdly, push a new clearomizer into the outer metal shell.
Tips to avoid liquid leakage
Firstly, do not fill full the atomizer with liquid, 70% is ok.
Secondly, when filling liquid, please keep the atomizer erecting.
Thirdly, when the e-cigarette is not being used but there is liquid inside the clearomizer, take down the atomizer and keep it erecting.
Most people may not pay attention to those tips when using eGo-W, but they are actually helpful to reduce the leaking problem.

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Aug 222012

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