Apr 132014
  • Please stop using brass atomizers and drip tips!



To enhance the machinability of brass, lead is often added in concentrations of around 2%. Since lead has a lower melting point than the other constituents of the brass, it tends to migrate towards the grain boundaries in the form of globules as it cools from casting. The pattern the globules form on the surface of the brass increases the available lead surface area which in turn affects the degree of leaching. In addition, cutting operations can smear the lead globules over the surface. These effects can lead to significant lead leaching from brasses of comparatively low lead content.

Lead is a highly poisonous metal (regardless if inhaled or swallowed), affecting almost every organ and system in the body. The main target for lead toxicity is the nervous system, both in adults and children. Long-term exposure of adults can result in decreased performance in some tests that measure functions of the nervous system.Long-term exposure to lead or its salts (especially soluble salts or the strong oxidant PbO2) can cause nephropathy, and colic-like abdominal pains. It may also cause weakness in fingers, wrists, or ankles. Lead exposure also causes small increases in blood pressure, particularly in middle-aged and older people and can cause anemia. Exposure to high lead levels can severely damage the brain and kidneys in adults or children and ultimately cause death. In pregnant women, high levels of exposure to lead may cause miscarriage. Chronic, high-level exposure have shown to reduce fertility in males.Lead also damages nervous connections (especially in young children) and cause blood and brain disorders. Lead poisoning typically results from ingestion of food or water contaminated with lead; but may also occur after accidental ingestion of contaminated soil, dust, or lead-based paint.It is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and is believed to have adverse effects on the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, kidneys, and the immune system.The component limit of lead (1.0 μg/g) is a test benchmark for pharmaceuticals, representing the maximum daily intake an individual should have. However, even at this low level, a prolonged intake can be hazardous to human beings.The treatment for lead poisoning consists of dimercaprol and succimer.

How to remove surface lead from brass

A solution of two parts white vinegar to one part hydrogen peroxide (common 3% solution) will remove tarnish and surface lead from brass parts when they are soaked for 5-10 minutes at room temperature. The brass will turn a buttery yellow color as it is cleaned. If the solution starts to turn green and the brass darkens, then the parts have been soaking too long and the copper in the brass is beginning to dissolve, exposing more lead. The solution has become contaminated and the part should be re-cleaned in a fresh solution.

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Jan 202014

Dear Customers,

Good day!

Please kindly note because of the coming 2014 Chinese New Year, all shipping companies will stop collecting packages during the Chinese New Year Holiday.

We will start the Chinese New Year Holiday from Jan. 25 to Feb. 4, 2014(Beijing Time) i.e. orders placed after Jan 24,2014 (Beijing time) will be processed and shipped after Feb 4, 2014.

Beijing Time:

Sincerely apologize and thanks for your kind understanding for any inconvenience caused. Yet, we will give a free PU Leather Carrying Bag (worth $2.99)  for all orders that placed during our holiday (Jan. 25 to Feb. 4, 2013) in order to acknowledge your long time waiting.

Thank you and have a good time!

Desire Ecig Team


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Dec 012013

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The format is product url + ?tracking=timlee (replace timlee with your own tracking code)

Q: How to add tracking code the homepage?  A: http://www.desire-ecig.com?tracking=timlee (replace timlee with your own tracking code)


Step 5: Check your transactions. DesireEcig will pay you by paypal when your translations is over $50 USD.


Step 6: How to hide your tracking code?

It is easy to hide your tracking code by using URL Shorter: goo.gl


What if I already know HTML and need some advanced help linking?

We are happy to help you with any additional questions you may have. Just contact us.

If someone I refer places their order 1 month later, will that order still track back to me?
Yes, our default referral period is set up to 50 days.

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Nov 272013

Chicago is set to become the first major American city to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public places.


Chicago’s City Council will be asked today to consider a proposal to prohibit the use of battery-operated smoking devices anywhere that the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products are already forbidden, according to Chicago Health Commissioner Dr. Bechara Choucair.

The ban is championed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as well as several other local elected officials and numerous public health groups. The proposal will be studied by a Council subcommittee and then put up for a vote in December.

The proposed ban would amend an existing ordinance regulating tobacco use in public spaces, Choucair said. If passed, it would go into effect some time in January 2014. A prohibition on the sale of flavored tobacco products within 500 feet of schools would also go into effect within 6 months of passage.

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Choucair said the ban aims to protect children from any tobacco use, including electronic cigarettes, which contain nicotine and other chemicals. E-cigarettes come in flavors such as cotton candy, gummy bear and dozens of other flavors and colors designed to appeal to children, he said.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found nearly 1.8 million young people had tried e-cigarettes and that the number of e-smokers among U.S. middle and high school students doubled between 2011 and 2012. Choucair said this increase is alarming considering the products have only been available for a short time.

“Currently it’s legal for a 14-year-old kid to walk into any store and buy these things, no questions asked,” he said. “We think that’s wrong and we want to change it.”

The Chicago ban would make it illegal to sell e-cigarettes to minors within city limits. Retailers would also be required to apply for a sales license to sell e-smoke products and they could only be sold from behind the counter, the same as other tobacco products, Choucair said.

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Erika Sward, vice president of the American Lung Association, said she applauds the proposed ban.

“The Lung Association wants to make sure public health is protected and we believe this is an important step to continuing that,” Sward said.

Beyond her concern that e-cigarettes could serve as a gateway to other tobacco use, Sward said that some of the initial studies looking at the dangers of second-hand e-vapors are troubling.

“We certainly believe we have come a long way in protecting people from the dangers of cigarette smoke in public places,” she said. “We don’t want to have people now exposed to e-cigarette second-hand emissions until we know more about them.”

Surprisingly, Thomas Kiklas, co-owner of e-cigarette maker inLife and co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, said the ban is logical and he supports it.

“The FDA says they are to be regulated as tobacco products and as such, any tobacco regulations should also apply to e-cigarettes at this point in time,” Kiklas said, referring to a 2011 federal court decision that gives the Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate e-smokes under existing tobacco laws rather than as a medication or medical device.

The agency has hinted it could begin regulating e-smokes as soon as this year. The only action the FDA has taken to date regarding e-cigarettes is issuing a letter in 2010 to distributors warning them to cease making various unsubstantiated marketing claims. Kiklas said the majority of companies follow the marketing guidelines.

Sward said she hoped the Chicago ban on e-smoking in public places would spur other cities to consider similar legislation.

Boston already has a ban on e-smoking in the workplace, she said. Amtrak bans the use of the devices on trains, and the Federal Aviation Administration prohibits them on flights.

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E-cigarette devices work much like a miniature version of the smoke machines that operate behind rock bands. When you “vape” — that’s the term for puffing on an e-cig — a heating element boils the e-liquid until it produces a vapor. There is no conclusive evidence either way regarding the safety of the habit.

The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association estimates about 4 million Americans now use battery-powered cigarettes. They project sales of the devices to cross the 1 billion mark by the end of this year.

Choucair said he expects the proposed ban to pass. It is part of a larger initiative to reduce tobacco use in the city that includes increasing the cigarette sales tax and a citywide anti-smoking ad campaign.


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Nov 252013

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Nov 142013

Dear Customers,

Due to some items are returned recently, we go and check with the Post Office and get advised as below:

Due to recent increase in airmail traffic (because of the new stricter airport security check and the coming holiday), coupled with insufficient supply of air cargo space to meet with postal demand, Post Airmail services to European/Canada/Australia destinations may be subject to delay (especially for battery items).We suggest you to choose DHL services for these destinations.

Post First-Class Airmail services to USA is normal and smooth.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks very much for your patience and kind understanding.

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Oct 142013

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